Saturday, 7 December 2013

Making a House a Home - It Begins

We've just exchanged contracts on our new house, and fingers crossed we will get it by Christmas and move in early in the new year.

Although the place doesn't need any immediate work doing to it, we already have so many plans and projects in mind.

This will be our first real chance to unleash our creativity on a place, and we are so excited about the potential. We were in our last place for a few years, but two years ago we decided to sell it and from that point onwards we struggled to justify doing anything with it.

The new house is over 100 years old, and on top of the usual redecoration plans there is a chance that we will need to do some renovation projects as well. I'm also rather excited about there being a greenhouse at the bottom of the garden as I've always wanted to attempt to grow vegetables of some sort.

Neither of us have any experience at anything beyond painting a wall, so we have a lot to learn - the results could be ... interesting!


  1. SO EXCITING!!! So happy for you x

  2. Thank you! We finally collected the keys yesterday and spent some time bouncing around there last night. Cannot wait to get in for real now!