Monday, 23 December 2013

#ShareAdvent Day 23: "There's no place like home..."

I'm too, too excited about this post. After two or so years of looking, and 44 house viewings this year alone, we're moving to our forever house in January:

This is our new front door. The photo isn't great because I took it on Tuesday night when we'd just picked up the keys after two days of chasing estate agents and being on the phone to our solicitor (who I'm not sure we can ever thank enough!), but I was eager to take a few photos despite the darkness and rain! If you've read Alan's recent posts  you'll know all about the fun we had trying to get to completion.

So - we have the keys, the moving van is booked and this is going to be our home, we're hoping, for as many years as possible. We'll put a few photos up as we move in, get curtains, paint walls and buy some more furniture, but for now, here's a taster:

There has to be one room which is the heart of the home - and for us, it will undoubtedly be the kitchen. We're planning to put a big table and chairs in the middle, and a comfy sofa in the left hand corner (just off camera to the left), hopefully to make this a room where people come and stay for hours.

There's no place like home - roll on 6 January...


  1. 12th Night is your move in date? So perfect! Merry Christmas x

    1. It's such a good date for a new start isn't it?! I hope your big move went well and that you and M have a wonderful Christmas together - you deserve it x