Sunday, 1 December 2013

Welcome to #ShareAdvent

The last time I posted here, it was another season - and what feels like an age ago! We were two months into our marriage,we were in the throes of selling, packing and moving out of our old house. I had been looking for a job for what felt like an eternity.

Now it is nearly Christmas, our first as husband and wife. I have been working for six months, we have moved house and are preparing to do so again via a failed house purchase (their fault) and a sudden decision to try looking at new locations (yes, we're saying goodbye to London). It's been a tough few months, to be honest, but also the happiest and most exciting start to married life that we could hope for. We even got to go to New Zealand. It was the best.

During this last year, I have discovered the beauty of other (much more established and knowledgeable but all very lovely) bloggers and the joy of twitter. Sometimes it has made all the difference to have a network of other women, many of whom I've met, but many more that I haven't (yet - here's to 2014...) but who are in the same situation or who have been there and got out the other side. Ladies, you are an amazing community.

Last year, Anna - the fabulously creatively talented owner of Skin and Blister organised #ShareAdvent, an amazing way for people to share their preparations for Christmas, based on a list of daily themes. I watched from the sidelines, but it was beautiful to see.

This year, I want to join in. I can't promise that I'm going to join in with all the themes, but I'm going to give some of them a go:

Today's theme is "Joy to the World".

My take on this is, I'm afraid, based on cake (I promise they won't all be. Well, I promise to try, anyway).

Alan's birthday is the 28th November, and we always say that Christmas can begin after his birthday ends. Since this year his birthday was a Thursday, I chose this weekend to make his birthday cake. Now, it may be a little tenuous and slightly un-Christmassy, but birthday joy is always helped by cake. And I favour homemade cake.

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband. May the coming advent, and the year ahead, be full of joy.

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