Thursday, 12 December 2013

Day 3 #ShareAdvent - Dance Like There's Nobody Watching...

So, I've kind of skipped Day 2, which was 'Write and Send a Letter'. I didn't mean to, I do have a letter I want to write, and even emails I must reply to. But Mondays are not ideal for properly thoughtful letter writing, so I'm postponing that one. It'll be back. And if it's not, someone please shout at me.

Day 3 - Dance Like There's Nobody Watching. This is an easy one for me this year. I don't think there's ever been a better day for doing that than our wedding day. The entire day, I was so happy and excited, I forgot all eyes were on us.

Photo by Ross Holkham Photography

Our first dance was to 'I Hope You Dance' by Lee Ann Womack. The lyrics to this song are some of the most beautiful I know. I haven't mastered the ins and outs of posting videos on here, but I do really recommend you give it a listen.

We danced pretty much the whole night. It was magical.

Yes, I originally posted this post on 3 December. I deleted it by accident. So here it is again...


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  1. This is lovely. I know the song from one of my friends and it really is lovely and these photos are beautiful. x