Friday, 28 June 2013

My Second Favourite Wedding Photo

Today, Alan and I are on Any Other Woman as I sent in one of our beautiful photos for the lovely Any Other Photo feature, so why not hop over there now and take a look? It's a photo that really does mean a lot to me.

It was so difficult to choose my photo, I ended up sending in two, which is really strictly against the rules. I thought I would post the second one here so you can why it was so hard to choose between so many special moments in our wedding day.

This photo was taken right after our vicar had declared that Alan and I were officially husband and wife; right after we’d had our first kiss(es). Who knew where the day would go after this moment? Right then, we didn’t need to know. This is that moment when we were so incredibly happy, so caught in the moment that all we could do was hold onto each other, be as close as possible, and grin like idiots at each other at the fact that we’d done it, we’d got married and it already felt amazing.

Although there’s several photos showing moments I will always cherish, what I love about this photo is not just how happy and wrapped up in our new marriage we both are. It’s also about the huge beam across my mother’s face, and how proud the vicar and the rabbi both look, as if they are all stakeholders in this moment of joy, which I suppose, in many ways, they are. Although my father isn’t in this photo, he is standing just to the left of my mother and I know from other photos that he was grinning as well. It makes me realise that our marriage isn’t just about us. Everyone else really does care too.


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