Saturday, 6 July 2013

Wedding Day - Part 2 (from the Groom)

"Right, so, where are we going?"

This is what Colin, who is driving me to the church, asks as we pull out of the car

"I thought you knew?!"

OK, so not quite planned to perfection then.

I've driven to the church a number of times, but not from here. I quickly debate setting up the sat nav, but would rather not have us stop now that we have momentum.

There are four of us in the car, all dressed up in our finest tail-coats and sporting flowers in our lapels. We don't get as many looks as I imagine the main wedding car will have, but I revel in the double-takes we get as we crawl slowly through Ware town centre.

The church is only a 10 minute drive away, so we are there in a flash.

Guess this is the right place then!
(Photo courtesy of Maxine von Eye)

We're just over an hour from the ceremony time, but people start arriving right away. A worry of mine was how easy it would be for people to park, and there are more cars already parked in front of the church than I had expected, but the ushers do their job of shepherding people to the overflow and everything seems to work out.

Inside the church I say hi to the vicar, and run through some last minute details with the rabbi who had been unable to make it to the rehearsal. There are also a number of the regular church congregation there who all wish me luck.

Outside everyone is enjoying a brief moment of sunshine. There is a pub directly opposite the church, and I am pleased to see that most people are taking advantage. My parents arrive and offer moral support, but I'm quite calm.

Much mingling was done.

Groom and Mother
(Photo courtesy of Maxine von Eye)

Family Godfrey

It gets to 1 o'clock quickly and when a critical mass of people seem to have arrived, I make my
way inside and head to the front.

I remember turning around at some point and seeing that Frances's car has arrived. It's 1:20pm - 10 minutes early! Excellent.

It takes them a while to get to the entrance, but when they do all I can see is Frances, sun-lit and radiant in white, beaming at all around her. She sees me and gives me a wave full of excitement and joy.

The vicar takes the opportunity to read out some notices, and to give everyone an idea of what is going to happen next, and the rabbi gives a brief introduction as to why he is there and what he'll be doing. I can't recall exactly, but one of them makes a comment in reference to me, and I pull a face and shake my head. This gets a small laugh from the room and instantly I relax.

Groom and Best Man - looking relaxed!

Until this moment I'd been tense and staring at the floor, unable to make eye-contact with the room full of family and friends; but now I'm more comfortable and I can lift my head and take it all in.

The vicar and rabbi go to speak with Frances, and before I know it they are racing up the aisle towards me. I knew Frances wasn't planning on going for a slow procession, but with it being a small church and everyone slightly nervous they end up moving at quite a pace.

I watch Frances from the first moment to the last and she doesn't take her eyes off of me either; until we are stood side by side grinning like idiots and the service begins.

The Bride!
(Photo courtesy of Maxine von Eye)
The hard-working gang who made sure everything
made it back to us after the ceremony. Thanks all!!
(Photo courtesy of Maxine von Eye)

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