Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thursday Cake Post

We've been writing a lot about our wedding recently, and there's a lot more to come. However, over the last few weeks it's been nice to start enjoying 'life' again (which we've carefully coordinated with the sun finally coming out and staying out for more than 5 minutes). At the moment 'life' means lots of birthday celebrations, which have been great for catching up with friends and family post-wedding.

Of course, birthdays mean cake, so in a break from wedding posts, here's some birthday cake. I made this for Alan's father, who celebrated a nicely significant birthday last week. 

Points to Note:
  1. The recipe is from BBC Good Food. I doubled the ingredients and made two 10" cakes rather than three 8" cakes.
  2. It came out a little dense, although very moist, so if I made this cake again I would try a different way of mixing to try and keep more air in there. I ended up with three layers as one of the cakes was a bit too thin to slice in half.
  3. My cream cheese frosting seemed to taste overly cheesy, so I put much more icing sugar in and just made it to taste in the end.
  4. Raspberries aren't in season yet so I used strawberries and left them in pieces rather than mashing them up. I sandwiched the third layer on with more jam and some of the cream cheese frosting (you would need to make more than the recipe gives for this to work). This gave quite a nice 'strawberries and cream' effect inside.

Just-about-finished product. Happy Birthday!

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