Friday, 17 May 2013

What We Did At The Weekend: Our Wedding

Today we realised it's Friday. Which means that this time last week, we were at Fanhams Hall preparing to get married. People were beginning to arrive at the hotel; we started to run into some of our guests every time we left the room. It was exciting. We had managed to wangle the bridal suite for the Friday night as well, and were enjoying settling in to a rather luxurious room.

I was tired, nervous and my head was thumping. I hadn't slept well for the last few nights, and was worried about the meal we had organised for our parents, siblings and bridal party and partners. Would everyone find the place? Would people talk to each other? What if someone couldn't find anything they wanted to eat?

I ended up going to hang out in our room for a bit before we went to eat. I didn't sleep, but an hour of peace to finish a few last minute jobs and read my book was really valuable.

I needn't have worried about the meal, although my head didn't stop aching and my stomach was all nervous. In hindsight, I should have realised that everyone is adult enough to get themselves to a pub and have dinner! Everyone was talking and getting to know those they didn't know already; food and drink was had and enjoyed; I'm sure I even heard somebody laughing at some point ;-) We're very grateful to the Vine in Ware for hosting us (all 22 of us) - we know such a large party can't have been easy. They even helped us celebrate a rather important birthday:

Happy Birthday Euan! - photo by Maxine von Eye

Although Alan and I gave up and went up to our room for an early night and a final details check, it was so nice to hear that everyone else seemed to end up in the bar talking to each other until the small hours:

Photo by Maxine von Eye

Memories from the evening:
  • Forgetting the cheese and Alan going back to get it;
  • Our usher Euan, giving up his birthday to spend the evening with us;
  • Honeycomb and mint ice cream - who knew?
  • My father making it from the Alsace and finally meeting Alan's parents - the last details clicking into place;
  • Our last night as an unmarried couple - nervous but calm.


  1. Oh that's so lovely to hear all about, I can't wait for everyone in the same place! Hopefully we'll get to hear all about the wedding next :-D

    1. Ahh, thanks Katy. It was really nice once I realised everyone could and would look after themselves and everyone had got food etc. In the process of writing a zillion wedding posts at the moment, it's fun reliving everything!