Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wedding Day - Part 1 (from the Bride)

For me, our wedding day starts at 5.30am. I wake up, am instantly wide awake and although I'm tired, I know that I won't get back to sleep properly. Next to me, Alan is still fast asleep - I have to resist bouncing out of bed and running across the soft carpet of the bridal suite to check the weather.

I snooze,on and off, until 6.15am when, finally, Alan wakes up. I throw open the curtains to reveal a softly sunlit May morning. Even though it won't stay so sunny, that early-morning scene is imprinted on my memory.

We have tea and biscuits in bed, eager for the rest of the world to wake up. Finally, we can justify creeping downstairs to look at our reception room being set up. We run into my dad, habitually an early riser, and go off to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Nerves begin to kick in as my bridesmaids appear for breakfast.

I take my leave and go off to make the bridal suite ready for the Charlie and Sarah, our makeup and hair artists. They arrive, as do my bridesmaids a moment later. The next couple of hours pass in a haze of blowdrying, waving, powder and mascara, and a lot of jokes and laughter. Three of my bridemaids are my cousins, so it's a good time to catch up properly on all the family news.

Ross and Lauren, our photographers, arrive and are as chilled as ever. They photograph my dress, shoes and flowers, as well as some shots of us having our makeup done. Then they go off to find Alan and his ushers, who apparently are already dressed and about to leave.

I feel calmer and yet more excited as it all starts to come together. The girls are dressed and look gorgeous; the car has arrived and I can, after what has seemed like both the longest and the shortest morning, start getting dressed. The photographers are back and are snapping away. We're ready to go.

Wait! I turn round and suddenly spy my veil lying on the back of a chair. We've all completely forgotten about it and I need the makeup artist to put it in for me; I have my dress on and the bridesmaid dresses are way too long to run with. We all look at each other - but by this time Lauren, Ross's assistant is already shooting out of the door in pursuit. What. A. Star.

She returns, Charlie in tow, and the veil crisis is averted. A few more photos, a quick debate on the merits of bag/ no bag/ wraps/ no wraps and we're really ready to go. Quick time-check as I think we're running late. It's 13h05. The ceremony is at 13h30. It takes 10-15 minutes to drive to the church, but we need to get downstairs, and the traffic could be bad. Are we early or late? I can no longer decide, so tell everyone firmly: "Let's go".


We meet my dad coming upstairs. My dad is not a 'conventional' father of the bride, and there's no way I would ever want him to be, but I don't think I've ever seen him look prouder (a theme which, judging by the photos, is set to continue for the rest of the day).

The driver is ready for us downstairs, and remarks how calm we all seem. I realise, with a jolt, that we seem calm because we are calm. I feel astonishingly laid-back. Let's go and get married.



  1. You look so so beautiful.

    I love the pre-wedding photos, where everyone is giddy with excitement and hanging with their girls and getting ready! Cannot wait for that bit of my own wedding :-D

    You have everything here - you look as gorgeous before you get all glam, and you have a little bit of drama! Perfect. Also your colour scheme is amazing and I love your flowers and... I'll stop now!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Katy (hooray for wedding cheerleaders)! This was such a fun part of the day, everyone just talking and having fun while getting ready. I don't have sisters so this was a rare opportunity to just hang around in pyjamas with close girlie family and friends. The hotel brought us tea (entire bowl of teabags, I love them) and water and my mum and bridesmaids got updates from downstairs so it was all good! x