Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Soundtrack of a Journey into Marriage: Warble


Over the last few weeks, spring has sprung with a vengence. The trees - including our lovely pear tree - are covered in leaves and blossom, there are more daisies on the lawn every day (wow, they grow quickly) and the sun has shown itself more in the last fortnight than I remember for the whole of last summer. The warm air carries with it the sounds of birdsong of all sorts, reminding us that now is the time for new life, new beginnings and to revel in the sheer beauty of nature.

The sound of melodious birdsong in itself is not really wedding related. However, it is a clear signal that winter is well and truly over, and spring is beginning to turn its head towards the hazy days of summer. And this year, early summer means, for us, our wedding and the beginning of our marriage. As I write this, there are but 4 days to go. And really, everything for this weekend starts on Friday as we pack up the car (probably several times - perks of a venue which is just 15 minutes away) and some of our guests arrive at the hotel.

I am looking forward to this coming weekend so much, even if the thought of being the centre of attention still makes my stomach churn every so often. Every stomach churn is followed by a little skip of anticipatory excitement at seeing everybody together, at finally getting to marry the man with whom I dream of being that elderly couple walking hand in hand in the park picking up conkers.

But the birdsong reminds me of the promise of summer and the start of our life beyond the wedding. I'm as excited for our post-wedding plans for this year as I am for the wedding; in some ways more so - selling this house and buying our forever house, career plans, afternoon teas, walks in the park, our honeymoon and our planned Autumn trip to New Zealand, weekends with friends...the list is endless, and that's the best thing about it.

So, Mr Blackbird, please keep on singing as much as you like. It reminds me of what comes next - and I think I'm ready for it.

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