Monday, 7 May 2012

A Little Taste Of Heaven

I'm probably quite hard to buy presents for. Outside of work I don't have any particular hobbies, and to be honest not much time to pursue them even if I did.

So you can imagine how impressed and pleased I was when Frances thought outside the box, and arranged a weekend cookery course with the Ashburton Cookery School down in Devon.

Not only was it a really relaxing weekend get-away in the beautiful Devon countryside; but I learned a huge amount, had so much fun and spent most of the time eating something wonderful!

The course was called "Express Dinner Party".

On the Saturday we made:

  • Lunch:
    • Pan-fried Duck Breast, with Cranberry Sauce
  • Canap├ęs:
    • Tapenade Palmiers
    • Marinated Pork, Courgette and Baby Corn Kebabs
    • Butternut Squash Veloute
    • Herb Breaded Mussels
Breaded Mussels, Pork Kebabs and Tapenade Palmiers
  • Main Course:
    • Salmon Parcel, stuffed with Anchovies, Olives & Sundried Tomatoes
  • Desert:
    • Chocolate Mousse, with Orange Segments in Cointreau and Chocolate decorations
Chocolate Mousse with Frances's Amazing Decorations!

Then on Sunday:
  • To Start:
    • Skate, in Black Butter, with Capers and Parsley
  • Middle Course:
    • Pan-Fried Scallops, Aubergine Cavier, Quail's Egg
Scallops & Quail's Egg (I broke my egg - sadness!)

  • Main Course:
    • Fillet Steak, Griddled Baby Vegetables, Wasabi Mash and Grain Mustard Sauce
Action Shot: Griddling Veg
  • Dessert:
    • Plum Clafoutis
    • Tuile Biscuits 
Frances got the hang of these. I attempted a bunny - it didn't end well ...

And the best part of all?

Someone else did all of the washing up! Bliss.


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