Sunday, 27 May 2012

Chewing It Over

Phase 2 of wedding planning appears to be "the suppliers". So far we're finding it hard to do any research during the week, and hard to make any decisions at the weekend - so we've booked a week off work, made loads of appointments and hope to come away from the week with lots of things sorted, or at least more advanced than now.

Not all of the appointments could be made to fit into that week, so this morning we were out discussing Wedding cake.

Poor lady, I'm not sure she knew what hit her ...

Well it was the first one of these that we've done, so we didn't really know what to come prepared with. We were hoping that she would tell us a bit about what she did and spend some time discussing options. It didn't quite go to plan. I think that she was hoping that we were a bit more advanced in thinking what we wanted - whatever question we asked or suggestion we mooted she suggested wouldn't be a problem ... after about 2 minutes we'd run out of things to talk about!

Then it was just a case of making conversation while eating cake ... such a hardship!

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