Friday 18 July 2014

Notes on Growing a Small Thing - 23-28 weeks

The Tuesday just gone marked our 28 weeks point - which as Alan calculated means we're now just over 70% of the way through this pregnancy and well into the third trimester. Time seems to both flying and standing still and there are still (or only!) 12 weeks to go if baby plays ball with being on time.

I haven't taken that many bump pictures - originally I was going to do one a week but it didn't quite happen like that. But here's one at 27+3:

I finally took the plunge at 25 weeks and went to see the GP about both the sickness and the pelvic girdle pain. He was very helpful and referred me straight to a physiotherapist for the pain, and gave me some antacids to see if that would get rid of the sickness. Dear me but Gaviscon really is disgusting, so I've only managed to make myself have the odd spoonful here and there. Luckily my lax approach to this has still had an effect and although the nausea still hangs around I haven't been sick for just over three weeks now. I'm happy with that!

Apart from getting tired a lot more easily, the last few weeks have made me feel much more normal and I've managed to get more done around the house (It's ok to still be unpacking from a house move after 6 months, right?). I'm even restarting driving lessons in a bid to get that test passed before October. This may be a bit optimistic but I want to give it a go now I'm feeling so much better!

The pelvic pain is unfortunately something that won't go away fully until at least October and just has to be managed until then. I'll write a separate post about this and the various management techniques as I was never even aware SPD existed until I started getting it.

Since my last post, we've bought some more sensible baby items (along with some more cute sleepsuits, socks etc obviously!). We now have a cot and dresser/changing top in the nursery, and have ordered our pram (the Uppababy Vista in green). We only really looked at two or three pram models in real life in the end - the others were the M&P Mylo2 and the Uppababy Cruz - but if you are looking for a pram I would really recommend having a read of this post and the comments on Florence Finds, which helped to cement our decision as there were so many positive comments on the Vista.

House-wise we've made progress too - we have a new sofa for the front room and wardrobes for our bedroom. Having painted our bedroom and the nursery, the rest of the house started looking very plain and white so we're desperate to get some colour into the ground floor rooms now. We've finally chosen and ordered colours for the front room, back reception room and the hallway/landings and the decorator is coming at the beginning of September. We knew we wouldn't be able to paint the landing ourselves as the ceilings are so high and then thought we might as well get the two main reception rooms done at the same time. Let's just hope baby stays put until after it's all finished!

Finally, I don't know if it's a growth spurt or down to the hot weather, but baby has turned into a real squirm this last week, hardly stopping with his kicks, prods and tumbles! I really love feeling the movements but sometimes it can take over everything you're doing. Last night Alan and I were talking before bed when out of nowhere baby kicked me so hard it made me jump! Baby has also gone all sweet in his/her tastes this week - Haribo sweets plus chocolate buttons is currently a winning combination (thanks Alan for a detour to the supermarket yesterday!) - as are ice lollies, but then I imagine most people, pregnant or not, are craving ice lollies at the moment!

Now, please excuse me while I go and stand in front of the freezer...

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