About Us

We are Alan and Frances. The original leafy pear tree lived in the garden of our old house - we were sad to leave it when we moved house in January 2014, but over the summer we discovered a new, smaller pear tree in the garden. We also have a damson tree and several apple trees here, but the old name has stuck.

This blog arose out of the fun that ensued while we were spending our weekends alternately trying to move house, plan a wedding and work out where our careers were going. Since then, we have indeed got married, moved house (twice - never again hopefully!) and - well, the career thing will never end will it?

In October 2014 the Pear Tree family grew with the addition of our gorgeous daughter.

When we have time, we mainly enjoy cooking and dancing round the kitchen on a Saturday night. Frances bakes and ices cakes, and Alan makes the tastiest bread ever to cross the threshold of our house.

This blog has never been just a wedding blog, nor is it a cookery blog - although at times it will seem like it is. It's just us, trying to make sure we get to where we want to go in life. Via a few iced cakes along the way...

                                         This is us. Apparently staring through a letterbox.

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