Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Soundtrack of a Journey into Marriage: Whoosh

This blog was originally intended to mostly be a diary of the countdown to us getting married, so with all the doom and gloom of job-hunting and house-hunting of late, maybe it's time to provide some wedding cheer.

This time in two months (the time is flying past, hence the 'whoosh' in the title) we will be married and preparing to head down to Devon for a few days of peace, quiet and pub lunches. And nothing says "Wedding Alert" like that moment when the invitations land on doormats up and down the country.

We took quite a long time to decide on our invitations, as we had wanted to do them ourselves but really wanted something fairly artistic and, as you will see, our drawing skills are not quite up to doing anything which is leaving the house.

We stumbled across Momental Designs which is run by American artist Kristy Rice, and were hooked by the beautiful handpainted designs. I had a phone call with Kristy to talk about process and design, and two weeks later we were sent our first prototype. It was amazing to see our design ideas turned into reality.

Some months later, the design and production work was completed and a week or so after that, they arrived (along with a couple of hefty postage and customs bills, which we hadn't been expecting - one drawback of using an American company).

We added some cream ribbon and luggage tags embossed with silver cherry blossom, printed address labels and they were ready to go.

The final design

My design for the reception card - just as well someone else did the final design!
Luggage tag production line
Cherry blossom - stamp plus silver embossing powder
Ready to go into their envelopes!

We rushed down to the Post Office the day we went on holiday - it was an oddly nervous moment handing them all over and hoping they would all arrive safely.

It's been really exciting receiving the first responses and hearing everyone else's positive opinions about something we put so much emotion into. Now, if everyone else could send their RSVPs back please...

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